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Your support is vital as we implement our new Edible London food distribution hub

Edible London needs your support to find a new hub for our food redistribution center.
We are vacating our current hub at Alexandra Palace imminently. We need to find a new location in Haringey to continue to run our food redistribution projects.

With your support we can continue the momentum built during the COVID19 emergency food response to support residents of Haringey experiencing hardships and food poverty.

Helping us reach our £100,000 target will enable us to;

  • Create a new Edible London redistribution centre
  • Continue to provide daily food parcels and fresh ingredients to our 36 beneficiaries, creating up to 50,000 meals per week 
  • Continue to reduce surplus food waste, by sorting and saving good produce for food parcels and community kitchens. Using the residual for compost at our many growing sites in Haringey
  • Continue our outreach projects and educational days to help empower and educate our community in organic food growing
  • Continue to build connections in our community to create more sustainable ways of using, consuming and sharing surplus food

Why we need to continue our work in the community;

  • Use of food banks has increased by 180% this year*. Edible London donates large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables to those food banks. Providing ingredients for over 40,000 meals a week.
  • Even pre-COVID19, a staggering 34% of residents and 40% of children were living below the poverty line in Haringey*.
  • 9.5 Billion tons of food is wasted each year in the UK, which equates to the emission of 25 million tons of greenhouse gases**. Our food waste operation is currently saving up to 4 tons of food waste per day.

*Source; Haringey Council, April 2020
**Source; Wrap food report, January 2020

We believe although lockdown restrictions are easing the impact felt by communities, particularly those who were already experiencing hardships, will increase. 

In the 14 weeks during COVID19 we have upscaled our operations from providing ingredients for 200 meals per week to over 40,000. This feat is a testament to the hero residents of Haringey who've given their time and energy to this operation, and has demonstrated what we can achieve when we pull together as a community. 

By supporting Edible London you will help us to redistribute food surplus to continue to provide ingredients for over 40,000 meals per week and to support our partners and beneficiaries with organic vegetables and fruit produced at our growing sites in Haringey.

With your support we see no limits to what we can achieve, tackling food poverty and food waste in Haringey and beyond.

Have you been inspired by all the incredible things happening in local communities and worldwide?

If you can’t volunteer your time or energy yourself because you need to support yourself and those close to you, consider donating to this crowdfunding, it will allow Edible London to continue supporting those in need and work towards tackling food poverty!


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